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End of Days for Bookstores?:  The decline of printed books will not go quietly into the night.  Remember, control of information is control of you, so keep books in print, because e-books are easy to alter.

Stop Me Before I Facebook Again:  I might need to try this the next time I get writer’s block.

Pompeii Skeletons Reveal Ancient Life:  Interesting article, I’m trying to get to this city to see it, so I wanted to post this.

Fareed Zakaria takes Glenn’s Beck math to task:  If there were this many terrorist, the world would have been blown up by now.

Top 10 Creationist Arguements:  Like this would ever make the news in America.  Love the BBC.

Court to Hear Case of Birther Who Refuses To Deploy:  Buddy, if you’re grasping at this straw, you’re an idiot.

Strip Club Says “No Negroes Allowed”:  Really dude?  Really?

Injection Rhinoplasty and the Asian Community:  I don’t understand this, these people are beautiful, why would you do this to yourself?

Cultural Constructions by Feministe Part 1   Part 2– Whiteness in Australia

Talking to Kids About Sex

Glenn Beck Calls for Fareed Zakaria’s Death:  Geez, I didn’t even post this before he has his rebuttal out.

What White Progressives Don’t Understand About Obama:  I actually do understand this, but I still want him to be more harsh.  Even though I understand him and would understand him as forcible liberal, I do understand that this is how he would be branded by fools who take racist bait.  I don’t mean the author, I mean the “Glenn Beckies” of the world.

Dad Castrates Man for Dating his Teen Daughter:  Geez….

Somalia Women Refugees Fight for Protection

  Read the Tea Party Book About How Obama Stole Christmas:  Then give it to your kids, because remember, while the right says  Obama talking to kids is indoctrination, this shit is okay.

Neil Cavuto Taunts Bernie Sanders:  Neil needs a crane to carry his fat head, so perhaps the poor man’s Glenn Beck should leave Sanders alone.

10 Republican Lies About Tax Cuts:  There is no longer a mythical creature known as a Republican Fiscal conservative, it doesn’t exist.

Princess Leia outs John Travolta:  We wouldn’t care John, except that your religion promotes death for gays.

John Boehner painted as More than he is: Just what it says.

The GOP’s self-destructive Jihad against healthcare

How to Get Ahead as a Republican in 2010:  Here’s a hint… act like an _ _ _.

Where Does DADT Repeal go from Here???


I got quite a few new articles from The Socialist today and so I’m dedicating a post to them.

A Blueprint for cuts to Come

The Verdict on Legal Lynching

The Few, The Proud, The Filthy Rich

Another Government Handout for the Rich

Their Fear of Democracy

The Cuts They Won’t Consider