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End of Days for Bookstores?:  The decline of printed books will not go quietly into the night.  Remember, control of information is control of you, so keep books in print, because e-books are easy to alter.

Stop Me Before I Facebook Again:  I might need to try this the next time I get writer’s block.

Pompeii Skeletons Reveal Ancient Life:  Interesting article, I’m trying to get to this city to see it, so I wanted to post this.

Fareed Zakaria takes Glenn’s Beck math to task:  If there were this many terrorist, the world would have been blown up by now.

Top 10 Creationist Arguements:  Like this would ever make the news in America.  Love the BBC.

Court to Hear Case of Birther Who Refuses To Deploy:  Buddy, if you’re grasping at this straw, you’re an idiot.

Strip Club Says “No Negroes Allowed”:  Really dude?  Really?

Injection Rhinoplasty and the Asian Community:  I don’t understand this, these people are beautiful, why would you do this to yourself?

Cultural Constructions by Feministe Part 1   Part 2– Whiteness in Australia

Talking to Kids About Sex

Glenn Beck Calls for Fareed Zakaria’s Death:  Geez, I didn’t even post this before he has his rebuttal out.

What White Progressives Don’t Understand About Obama:  I actually do understand this, but I still want him to be more harsh.  Even though I understand him and would understand him as forcible liberal, I do understand that this is how he would be branded by fools who take racist bait.  I don’t mean the author, I mean the “Glenn Beckies” of the world.

Dad Castrates Man for Dating his Teen Daughter:  Geez….

Somalia Women Refugees Fight for Protection

  Read the Tea Party Book About How Obama Stole Christmas:  Then give it to your kids, because remember, while the right says  Obama talking to kids is indoctrination, this shit is okay.

Neil Cavuto Taunts Bernie Sanders:  Neil needs a crane to carry his fat head, so perhaps the poor man’s Glenn Beck should leave Sanders alone.

10 Republican Lies About Tax Cuts:  There is no longer a mythical creature known as a Republican Fiscal conservative, it doesn’t exist.

Princess Leia outs John Travolta:  We wouldn’t care John, except that your religion promotes death for gays.

John Boehner painted as More than he is: Just what it says.

The GOP’s self-destructive Jihad against healthcare

How to Get Ahead as a Republican in 2010:  Here’s a hint… act like an _ _ _.

Where Does DADT Repeal go from Here???