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Breaking News – Health Care Law Ruled Unconstitutional:  Not surprised, why should conservatives care about the people when they can make a buck off the sick ones?

The View Woman mock Boehner:  The women on the view mocked John Boehner because he cried, and they’re right, if it was a woman, they dismiss her as emotional and fraile, and so I’m fine with a little teasing because of all the shit they put Pelosi through!  And for the record, I don’t give a damn what some Survivor Contestant thinks about it, dumb as a rock that she is…

Is Narcissism a Disorder?  NPR looks at the definition of Narcissism and the disorder associated with it.  Personally, I think we’ve sorta helped create a culture that is fine with the “look at me, look at me!” mentality.  We’ve helped foster the ID with Ads.  But Snooki is still a massive waste of space.

Fareed Zakaria blasts Beck:  He’s right, if 10% of the Muslims were terrorists, there’d be so many we couldn’t count them!

11 Toys to Skip This Christmas!  Just take a look…

Women on their Periods are Vikings?  Another WTF moment, where apparently I’m a snarly viking when I get my period?

Transgendered Woman Gets Hate Mail:  Lovely, dumbasses are at it again.

Sarah Palin Lacks Depth to Be Nominee:  Well, I’ve got a net connection, and five minutes to kill, and I could’ve told you that!  This woman can barely understand a map, of course she lacks depth!

John Boehner Cries During Interview:  This man is a classic case of victim.  “They’re being mean to me!”  Well, you’re being mean to the American people!  Has anyone getting kicked off health insurance really kept you up at night?  Doubtful.

Primarying Obama a Bad Idea:  I keep hearing more and more about this, and while I grow more, and more, and even more dissatisfied with him for not being tough enough and in his last address, blaming liberals, I don’t think a primary challenge is the best solution to our problems.

Books on Gays Vandalized At Harvard:  Sad, sad that people are still so stupid at such an institution of higher learning.

Steven Yeun’s fake futuristic PSA:  Okay, so he’s not just another pretty face, he’s also progressive.  BTW, score up another one for a Michigan boy.