Leftist Linkage

Here’s a collection of links and other sites that I collect my news from, friends of progressive causes.

NPR: Featuring a collection of interesting sections, broadcasts, links and stories, NPR is one of the few true news organizations left in the US.

Best of the Left Podcast: A three times weekly podcast featuring the best stories of the left. Please donate to Jay to keep his show going.

Citizen Radio: An adamant, atheist, vegan team with a no-holds barred attitude toward politics, equal opportunity agitators.

The Young Turks:  Cenk and team give a radio and youtube cast about their favorite daily topics.

The Guardian:  The liberal voice of Britain, show them love!

Salon.com:  A very nice site for interesting stories and progressive material.

Slate.com:  A side-site to Salon, really, great stories and such!

Crooks and Liars:  A nice site with reporting on the crimes against the people.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann:  Keith, one half of MSNBC’s team of libs, is a great resource for righteous outrage.

The Rachel Maddow Show:  Rachel, the other half of MSNBC’s team has a great show and a wit to beat all.

The Advocate:  Lesbian, gay, bi and transgendered news.

Racialicious:  News centered around the topic of race.

Disgrasian:  Asian-focused news issues, not to mention…  pictures of some incredibly good looking guys….

Sociological Images:  A compilation of images and such found on the net regarding race, gender, politics, etc.

The Wild Hunt:  Pagan news reader.

Muslimah Media Watch:  Looking at Muslims (especially Muslim women) in the media

Native Appropriations:  Native American culture blog

Jezebel:  Women’s issues, often with a side of sarcasm and snark

SocialistWorker.Org:  Just what it says, Socialist paper on the net.

The Huffington Post:  A well known, left leaning paper

BBC:  The BBC has long been the go-to for Americans looking to get real, non-filtered news.

Vegan Essentials:  Just a plug for some seriously good food

The Smitten Kitten:  Healthy, and socially conscious sex toys.

Sex is Fun:  A podcast dedicated to truth in sex information, gay and straight.  Fuck prudes.

Talking Points Memo (TPM):  Another interesting blog often featured on MSNBC

The Daily Kos:  Another interesting blog often featured on MSNBC

The Rude Pundit:  I don’t know if I’ll always have this link, but I have to admit, I enjoy someone using harsh language and viciousness to combat stupidity in Washington.

Media Matters For America:  Collecting the best in audio and video clips of stupidity, outrageous claims, and hate.

Moveon.Org:  A main progressive site.

Democracy Now!:  A podcast featuring progressive topics:

Le Show:  Remember that guy from Spinal Tap, Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind?  Wayne’s W0rld 2?  Mr. Burns, Principle Skinner, Dr. Hibbert, Lenny, Smithers, Flanders, Rev Lovejoy? Harry Shearer?  He’s on our side!!!

Thom Hartmann:  An intelligent, progressive podcast with an old school fighter.

Jim Hightower:  There’s something satisfying about seeing an old white man fight for progressive causes when you’re a woman whose always thought they weren’t on your side.

On the Media: Dedicated to criticism and analysis of the media

The Progressive:  Their podcast is a good place for information

Mother Jones Radio:  Mother Jones is a great magazine with a killer podcast.

The Nation:  A premiere, if not the best, left wing magazine.

CounterSpin:  Countering bias in the media

The Jimmy Dore Show:  A comedian’s take on the news

The Majority Report: Sam Seder from Air America is back on the airwaves….

The Bugle:  John Oliver of the Daily Show and a few Brit friends take on the news.  Americans usually get skewered.

Ring of Fire:  Podcast with Bender, Papantonio, and Robert Kennedy Jr.  Okay, Robert’s voice is annoying, but the information is good, strong, and extremely well presented.  Papantonio did the documentary “Jesus Camp.”

Know anyone I missed?  Leave me a comment and I’ll add them!


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