Daily Report for 12/15/2010

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Giving Free Cigs to Black Kids? Get’um hooked young, I guess, with a side of racism.

Vintage Advice for Moms:  Nothing like a little emasculation to punish those boys!

Why Revolt when you Can Consume?:  Orwell would roll over in his grave.

Pro-Capitalism Propaganda:  If they don’t agree with the money-grubbing, throw bottles at them!

Rush Limbaugh Picks on Michelle Obama:  By making fun of her butt.

The Problems with Majorities

Colin Firth No Longer Supports Lib Dems: Because they gave up on their principles.

Where is the Protest Music? Asking where the music to accompany the revolution is.

In Praise of Bernie Sanders: From a UK perspective.

Tokyo Introduces Manga Restrictions

Blatant Anti-Semitism in Texas

Republicans for  the Rich, Democrats  for Everyone

The Shrinking Black Middle Class

Angry Incoherent Left Makes Sense

The Unseriousness of “No Labels”

Tax cut Deal Threatens American Infrastructure


Kyl Claims Anti-Christian Bias – Because his entire career wouldn’t make Christ cry…

Why We Love Bad Writing – And I do mean, Bad.

Is the New York Times Trying to Make Us Dumber? – Dumb columnists=dumb readers

What’s Michelle Bachmann up to? Besides trying to embarrass us in front of the other countries?

The GOP’s Anti-Employment Agenda

Controversy at Castro Camera – Who owns Milk’s legacy?

Surveillance Porn in the Wake of Gay Suicides

Sarah Palin Explains why She’s Scary

Russell Pearce Will Ask for Obama’s Papers if he’s in Arizona – Idiot.

Arizona’s Real Republican Death Panels – Jan Brewer, murderer by default

Calls for Censorship and Murder in the wake of Wikileaks – 2:30 is the Mark

Lt. Dan Choi Hospitalized for Mental Stress

A World of Extremes is no Longer an extreme idea

Gender Imbalance in Family Movies




































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